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              亚搏体育app苹果 LLC logo
              亚搏体育app苹果 LLC sign

              Grow Your Garden

              Your Local, Full-Service 亚搏体育app苹果

              Whether you’re starting from scratch or have a seasoned green thumb, 亚搏体育app苹果 LLC can help you create a beautiful, healthy garden. We are a family-owned garden center located in Cody, WY, committed to providing our customers with high-quality plants and exceptional customer service.

              Learn More About Our Services
              Check Out Our 亚搏体育
              In our 27,000-square-foot greenhouse, you’ll find annuals, vegetables, herbs, and perennials grown by our own staff. Or, take a look in our garden center to find trees, shrubs, evergreens, vines, and grasses that grow well in our local climate. Our team will help you establish and maintain a beautiful landscape for your home or property.

              We can help
              you with:

              亚搏体育app苹果 LLC gardening help


              • Installation of trees, shrubs, perennials
              • Plant recommendations for our area

              garden center

              • Patio pots
              • Hanging baskets
              • Custom-designed container gardens
              • Interior and exterior plant maintenance
              • Free information handouts on various topics


              • Delivery
              • Warranty on plant material
              • Large display of trees, shrubs and evergreens
              • Special orders welcomed

              For more information about our garden center, or to get started on your gardening project, give us a call at 307-527-6272 or visit us today!

              亚搏体育app苹果 LLC team

              Our Story

              Our owners, Rod and Kay Soulek, have been involved in the horticulture industry for over 45 years, working in flower shops, greenhouses, and garden centers.

              The development of 亚搏体育app苹果 Greenhouse and Nursery began on 6.5 acres of pasture in January 1994. The first three greenhouses were built and completed by March 1, and by the end of April we opened to our very first customer who purchased one dollar’s worth of seed potatoes.

              Over the past 25 years, we continued to add greenhouses until we reached our present size: 27,000 square feet of covered greenhouses and 4,000 square foot of outside perennial sales area. In the early spring, the majority of the 6.5 acres quickly fill with trees, shrubs, evergreens, grasses and remains that way throughout the duration of the season.

              Each year 亚搏体育app苹果 continues to grow, thanks to the support of our customers!

              亚搏体育app苹果 LLC address

              Northern Garden LLC

              84 Rd 2Abn
              Cody, WY 82414
              亚搏体育app苹果 LLC contact info


              Phone: 307-527-6272 | 800-590-9975
              Fax: 307-527-6989

              亚搏体育app苹果 LLC hours


              Please call for current hours
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